Rob Berry
Principal Consultant
Rob Berry is an experienced business executive
with over 15 years of quality and process
improvement experience, including the application
of Lean and Six Sigma techniques.  Rob works
with businesses across multiple industries that are
eager to incorporate the latest improvement
techniques into their everyday business practices.  
"Rob is a very bright and strategic
mind that works very well within a
team environment. He excels at
assessing business scenarios and
introducing logical processes and
methodology into them by utilizing
his Lean/Six Sigma background. Rob
embraces new challenges and is
skilled at working with people to
drive new behaviors with his change
management skills."

Contech Construction Products
Cincinnati, Ohio
His industry expertise includes: manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, warehousing
and distribution, civil engineering, and telecommunications.  

A certified Master Black Belt since 1998, Rob has trained and managed hundreds of
Master Black Belts, Black Belts, and Lean practitioners resulting in millions of
dollars in incremental profits for multiple companies. Additionally, Rob has partnered
with C-level executives across multiple industries to define business strategies that
incorporate elements of performance excellence combined with traditional financial
performance drivers.  Most recently, Rob engineered and implemented a Lean Six
Sigma transformation at Premier Health Partners – improving quality, service, and
profits for this large healthcare system.

Rob has earned an MBA and an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering.